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January Developer Newsletter

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year again!

We are back at it with tons of hope, many projects and goals for 2022.
I hope everybody has had a fantastic break and feels now energized the same way I do. Let’s crack on.


The 2022 Newsletter has a shiny new format. Our goal is to share interesting facts with the Adyen Developers community, propose new content and events, and suggest developer tips and technical resources (do not miss the links and references at the bottom).

And of course we will keep you up to date about the status of the Adyen development, new releases and other relevant information. I hope you will enjoy it!

Did you know?

In 2021 we recorded 5294 commits, merged 2097 pull requests and closed 664 Github issues. Shout-out to the 361 unique contributors.

The 2018 article "Updating a 50 terabyte PostgreSQL database" made the top on the HackerNews feed. Read here about our database architecture and how we upgraded 50+ terabytes (by the way it is now a lot bigger - soon a follow-up blog post to talk about it).

What’s happening
The Log4j vulnerability
The end of 2021 was marked by a series of vulnerabilities found in one of the most popular Java libraries: many products and platforms became vulnerable to remote code execution (Log4Shell), organisations rushed to implement mitigating and detecting measures, open source committers worked relentlessly to patch the problems.

Read Inside Adyen: The Log4j Saga to learn how Adyen responded: existing safekeeping factors, patch and validation of the platform, and best practices for software engineers.

Android all-in-one solution
2022 kicked off with a big announcement: the launch of Adyen mobile Android point of sale (POS) terminals in the EU, UK, and the United States.

The terminals eliminate the need for separate cash registers, barcode scanners, and customer facing displays, allowing merchants to upload and integrate their own apps and utilities. Integration is supported using the Adyen Java and DotNet libraries.
If you are an Android Developer looking for building exceptional products in the payment world check out our Career page, we are growing our team!
Latest releases

Our teams and Open Source contributors have been very busy!

The following official plugins have new releases:

The following official API libraries have new releases:

    • Values entered in the card number or CVC fields can no longer be copied or shared
    • Stored card payments: the CVC field value is now cleared when the shopper cancels or an error happens.
    • BACS Direct Debit is now supported through a native flow
    • Skip the List of Payment methods if there is only one payment method available to the shopper
    • On Drop-in allow customising Apple Pay button using DropInComponent.Style.applePay
    • Apple Pay support for MADA in the Middle East and Cartes Bancaires in France
  • Adyen Components for Android v4.4.0
    • Added BACS Direct Debit Component.
    • Fixed incorrect configuration of Google Pay Environment
  • Adyen Java API Library v17.3.0
    • Added support for the new "debitAccountHolder" endpoint (Make a direct debit request)
    • Added new parameters (collectInformation, showPages) to “getOnboardingUrl” endpoint
    • Removed Travis in favour of Github Actions
    • Upgraded several dependencies and plugins
    • Renamed master branch to main
  • Adyen WeChat Pay SDK for iOS v2.0.0-beta.1
    • Upgraded WeChat SDK v1.9.2
  • Adyen .Net API Library v8.1.0
    • Created new Orders endpoints
    • Updated models for AccountService (v5)
    • Renamed master branch to main
Tips, Links & Resources

The statistics mentioned above were compiled from GitHub and shared in our end of the year tweet. We used Gource to create the visualization and Python code to grab the metrics from our repositories. You can have a look at the source code to do the same for your repositories.

A good read: one of the most popular RedHat articles in 2021 was Why should I choose Quarkus over Spring for my microservices? If you are wondering what Quarkus can do and how it compares to Spring this is indeed a good starting point.

Stay in touch

And this is it for now! Reach out to us for questions or feedback, we are especially curious about your experience with the Adyen Payment Integrations, suggestions and what we can improve to make your integration better, easier and faster.

If you are integrating with our platform and plugins make sure you check Adyen Docs and our GitHub home. For any question you can create a Stack Overflow question tagged as "adyen" or send an email to

Till then,