Adyen Developer Newsletter
February Developer Newsletter

Hello everyone, how are we doing? Are we still rocking? 

Welcome to the February 2022 edition of the Developer’s Newsletter: it has been a busy beginning of the year with lots of things happening. Read below about our Stackoverflow channel, GitHub stars, new blogs, conferences and more.

Did you know?

We are active on Stackoverflow with 84 questions, most are answered and we try our best to provide solutions and support as soon as possible. The first question is dated March 2014, it is about Webhook notifications and the retry interval (nice to know the same workflow is still in place). 

The most popular Adyen libraries are PHP (php-api and php-magento), both 100+ GiHub stars, followed by the Adyen SDK for  iOS, which has been growing fast. 

What’s happening

Scaling up data culture

What's a Data Scientist? And a Machine Learning Engineer? What's the difference between an Analytics Engineer and a Data Engineer? At Adyen we recognise the importance of clarifying roles and responsibilities, aligning them to market trends.

Read our latest blog post Defining data roles when scaling up data culture that dives into company culture and practices necessary to shape and evolve a large and dynamic data ecosystem.

Open Source Contributions

Apache Airflow is an orchestration framework for data pipelines which we intensively use at Adyen to support and feed our large data platform. 

Watch the video How debugging Apache Airflow lead to Adyen Airflow contributions to find out how our engineers contributed to improve Airflow performance. 


FOSDEM is a free non-commercial event organized by volunteers to promote the adoption and widespread use of free Open Source software. This year our Developer Advocate @jlengrand joined to talk about Kotlin

Check out the Conference Floor to access all recorded sessions and talks!

Latest releases

The following official plugins have new releases:

The following official API libraries have new releases:

  • Adyen Web 5.8.0/5.7.0/5.6.2
    • Add missing types to PaymentMethod and Postal Code validation
    • Add support for French MealVoucher payment method
    • Feature configurable giftcard names
    • Improving error message for ClientKey, 3DS2Fingerprint and generic Error responses
  • Adyen Components for iOS 4.7.0
    • New supported payment method: ACH Direct Debit.
    • You can now encrypt the bank details (account number, routing number) if using the BankDetailsEncryptor with an API-only integration. This is required for ACH.
    • For the Card Component, you can configure the countries in the billing address drop-down menu using billingAddressCountryCodes.
    • Improved the app-to-app redirect detection by increasing the delay for the `BrowserComponent`.
    • Update the WeChat Pay Component to use WeChat SDK 1.9.2
    • Text fields, except the card number and CVC, now allow the system default input options
  • Adyen Node API Library v10.2.0
    • RecurringDetails container class is now included in the API specs. 
    • add SaleToPOIResponse as field for terminalApiResponse
Tips, Links & Resources

The Java Champions conference at the end of January featured the Java Champions presenting various topics within the Java ecosystem. All videos are available and you should definitely check them out if you missed them.

If you are interested in security I recommend the OWASP Top Ten talk by Jim Manico who goes through the most popular application vulnerabilities and what developers can do about it.

There is a great tool I also would like to mention: ASDF, a polyglot runtime system able to support various languages and version (i.e. Node 14, 16 and 17, Python 3.3, 3.6, etc..). If you are working with multiple languages it makes your life a lot easier as you can easily switch to a different runtime (called plugins) and specific version. Give it a go and share your experience with us.

Stay in touch

If you are integrating with our platform and plugins make sure you check Adyen Docs and our GitHub home. For any question you can create a Stack Overflow question tagged as "adyen" or send an email to

That is all for now, reach out to us for questions or feedback (follow us on Twitter to make sure to get all our news and updates) and see you next time!

Till then,