April Developer Newsletter

Hello developers and Fintech fans!

Here we are for the April 2022 Developer’s Newsletter and what has been happening at Adyen: blogs, conferences and new releases. 

Did you know?

We have updated all our Sample Applications to provide you with a one-click deployment on Gitpod. After the one-off setup of the Adyen keys you can run the application to perform the various payments as well as changing live the source code.

Help us!

Have you worked with Adyen’s API Libraries? We need your feedback! We are working on improving our API libraries and are trying to understand whether they meet our users expectations and needs. The ask? A 45 min call with a few questions about your experience. We offer a 50$ amazon gift card in return. Interested? Reach out to Vivienne.klaassens@adyen.com

What’s happening

Management API
Recently we have released the first version of the Management API, a set of APIs designed to support the automation of administration and configuration workflows. You can read “Automate your Admin workflows with the new Management API” to discover what you can do and the benefits.

Revamp of the API credentials screens
Our Developer Experience team has been busy with a redesign of the “API credentials” screens, the section of the Customer Area where merchants define the configuration and roles to access the Adyen backend. Read what and how has changed in this blog post.

Dev Rel Saloon

We have hosted the second gathering of the DevRel Salon series here at Adyen HQ and it was again a great event with a passionate audience including friends from OVH, Miro and RedHat.

Many thanks to @LostinBrittany and @AurelieVache for the inspiring talk.

Are you into DevRel and want to share your stories? Or would you just like to find out more? Keep an eye on the DevRel Meetup and join next time!

Latest releases

The following official plugins have new releases:

  • Adyen Payment plugin for Magento v8.2.0
    • Handle declined flow
    • Allow for configuration of Checkout frontend region
    • Disable all payment methods by default
    • Option to individually reprocess notifications
    • Show validation error message to shopper
    • Fix CC alignment issue in checkout
    • Set authorized amount in sales_order_payment
    • Upgrade PHP library and webhook module 
The following official API libraries have new releases:
  • Adyen PHP API Library 12.0.0
    • Support Management API for companies and merchants endpoints
    • Add manual capture payment methods list
    • Add API v68 implementation of refunds and reversals
    • Upgrade phpunit
  • Adyen Android v4.5.0
    • Gift Card flow in Drop-in.
    • Gift Card Component
    • Added new methods in Dropin service for Gift Card 
    • Arabic string resource translations
    • Ability to remove stored payment methods.
    • Fix: crash when the provided shopper Locale doesn't have an ISO3Country.
    • CVC and expiry date fields in Card Component not being validated when empty.
  • Adyen Web 5.10/5.11/5.12
    • Adds Netbanking India (onlinebanking_IN) component
    • Throw an error when environment & type of clientKey do not match
    • Showing brands beneath CardNumber field 
    • Fixes CSP error caused by regenerator-runtime
    •  Updating position of available brands
    • Enable Funding option for Paypal SDK
    • Modify Swish QR code countdown 
  • Adyen Go API Library 5.1.0
    • Adding missing endpoint to allow implementation of the recurring in india
    • Adding all default notification event codes
    • Refactor tests as the response for the recurring details changed.

Tips, Links & Resources

OpenAPI 3.1 has been released a little while ago however lots of tools and libraries are still catching up with the new specs. Here is a great blog to understand what has changed and what you should consider when migrating to the latest version.

#DevRelCorner: Notist is a must-have tool for building your public speaking portfolio. Make your slides available, show related tweets, add videos and link resources.

Stay in touch

As always, keep in touch (on Twitter) and check out Adyen DocsGitHub home and the Stackoverflow space. And if you have any feedback or questions about the new Gitpod deployment please reach out to us so we can extend or improve it.

Till next time!



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