June Developer Newsletter
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Here is the June 2022 Developer’s Newsletter: blogs, conferences, career opportunities and new releases of our libraries and plugins.
Did you know?
We have a new Developer Advocate that started on the 1st of May! Here's a message from him:


Heya! My name is Kwok He Chu. For the past 6 years, I have worked as a backend .NET engineer. I've built and managed multiple backend APIs in a microservice architecture, terraformed cloud infrastructure and written continuous integration/deployment pipelines to bring these applications from development all the way to production. I also took production down from time-to-time, but uhm- let’s not talk about that... My main focus will be maintaining our Adyen example integration libraries, answering technical questions from external developers and sharing engineering knowledge in the form of blogposts or videos. I am looking forward to working with everyone and putting the Adyen tech-stack in the spotlight for the years-to-come. If you see me at a conference, feel free to say hi and if you have any questions, let's connect on LinkedIn!
What’s happening

DevOpsDays in Amsterdam, June 22-24
DevOpsDays Amsterdam brings development, operations, QA, InfoSec, management, and leadership together. The event will be held at the Pakhuis de Zwijger in the center of Amsterdam and we're not only sponsoring it, some of our engineers are part of the organization as well!

JBCNConf 2022 in Barcelona, July 18-19
We are proud sponsors of JBCN 2022! JBCN is one of the leading conference about the JVM and Tech in Spain. We will be there with a booth, so feel free to join us!

Womentech Global Conference, June 7-10
We have given two talks at the Women in Tech conference. ​​​​​​The hybrid conference will bring women in tech, minorities and allies from all over the world together. Brigita Bizjak one of our Business Intelligence Administrator has presented her talk about "Unobvious decision of transition into data". Katarina Bagherian our VP of #UX has presented her talk with the title "Make your UX research insights stick".

European Women in Tech in Amsterdam RAI, June 8-9
We had a booth at the European Women in Tech conference. Leading women in tech from diverse industries shared their thoughts on the challenges, solutions and opportunities shaping the future of the European Tech sector.

JSpring in Jaarsbeurs Utrecht, June 8
We've attended the JSpring conference and attended several wonderful talks! The NLJUG is the Dutch Java User Group, which started in 2003. The NLJUG brings software developers, architects, ICT managers, students, new media developers and their business partners together with their interest in all aspects in Java Technology.

DGG Lunch in dotslash Utrecht, June 1
Kwok enthusiastically attended the Dutch Game Garden Network Lunch and met inspiring individuals of the game industry. We began the event with announcements of the latest industry developments and important events for the upcoming month.

Java Day in Istanbul, May 27-28

We are a proud gold sponsor of the 8th edition of Java Day Istanbul! Java Day Istanbul is one of the most effective international community driven software conference of Turkey supported by Istanbul Java User Group. The conference helps developers to learn the newest technologies about Java, Web, Mobile, Big DATA, Cloud, DevOps, Agile and Future. We got a booth and gave a talk as well!

Kotlin Dev Day in Amsterdam, May 19
Kotlin Dev Day is a in-person conference for people interested in Kotlin with an awesome venue: the Johan Cruijff ArenA! Engage with experts from JetBrains, Xebia, and other Kotlin enthusiasts from leading tech companies.

Kotlin Hack Night in Amsterdam, May 11
We've organized a Kotlin Hack Night where we gathered some fellow Kotlin Developers in the Adyen HQ. We paired up and started hacking our way through some Kotlin applications!

Latest releases

The following official plugins have new releases:

  • Adyen Payment plugin for Magento 8.2.4
    • Move refund configs to refund section
    • Removed 1 EUR minimum limit from validation on AdyenGiving
    • Replaced 'Processing' with 'Pending Payment' in invoicing flow
    • Fixed missing web component on gift cards
    • Hide ApplePay on non Safari browsers
    • Fixed configuration being returned as an array of empty payment methods config
    • Utilize Magento admin credentials in end-to-end tests
  • Adyen-shopware5 3.8.0-3.8.3
    • Encrypted credit card payments with Adyen’s Web Components
    • Fixed duplicate webhook notifications
    • Fixed mismatch of basket amount for guest and user accounts on payment
    • Allow additional description for payment methods (with fallback to translations)
    • Fixed automatic payment status update
    • Fixed checkout error upon submission of additional payment data
    • Marked order payment as canceled upon exceptional Adyen API payment response
    • Marked order payment as canceled for unsupported Adyen API payment responses
    • Fixed empty cart upon order confirmation
    • Frontend clears cache upon plugin install and update
  • Adyen-salesforce-commerce-cloud 22.1.0
    • Added checkout sessions
    • Use orderToken to retrieve orders
    • Added PaymentTransactionType for SALE methods
    • Added support for paywithgoogle
    • Fixed indefinite spinner for PayPal

The following official API libraries have new releases:

  • Adyen PHP API 13.0.0
    • Added /test and /list endpoints for webhooks
    • Added GET PaymentMethodSettings call for MerchantAccounts
    • Added donationAccount to test configuration file
  • Adyen iOS 4.7.3
    • Fixed a bug where country picker was being displayed when the pay button was pressed
    • Specified the SDK bundle explicitly when initializing any internal SDK view controller to prevent conflict with the host application bundle
    • Provided accessibility support for invalid form fields
  • Adyen .NET API 9.0.0
    • Added LoyaltyID for parsing CardAcquisitionResponse
    • Replaced storePaymentMethod with StorePaymentMethodMode. Possible values: AskForConsent, Disabled or Enabled
  • Adyen Android 4.6.1
    • Fixed ui-core dependency to a style in card when not being able to import some standalone modules
  • Adyen Web 5.16.0-5.17.0
    • Added support for the Wallets India (wallet_IN) payment method and browserInfo for Netbanking India (onlinebanking_IN)
    • Added an international phone prefix dropdown to the current phone number field
Tips and resources
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Here are some career opportunities that we've brought into the spotlights:
Java Software Engineer (Platform Engineering)
Android Software Engineer
Linux System Engineer

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