July Developer Newsletter
Hello everybody!
Here is the July 2022 Developer’s Newsletter: blogs, conferences and new releases of our libraries and plugins.

Did you know?
We are active on Stackoverflow! This month, we've answered our 100th Stackoverflow question. There is an adyen tag that can be used to ask All Things Adyen (integration options, technical details, tips, etc..) where developers  (from Adyen, merchants and open source communities) help each other. Take the opportunity to have a look as well!

A new docs page for Partners building a plugin is live! If you are building a plugin that connects an e-commerce platform to Adyen, check out the Building a plugin page.
What’s happening

May Contain Hackers in Zeewolde (NL), July 22-26
You can find Adyen at May Contain Hackers on 22nd to 26th July 2022! This is a non-profit outdoor hacker camp taking place in Zeewolde (The Netherlands) where a worldwide hacker community will share knowledge, ideas and technological advancement on a camping site!

JBCNConf 2022 in Barcelona, July 18-19
We are proud sponsors of JBCN 2022! JBCN is one of the leading conference about the JVM and Tech in Spain. We will be there with a booth, so feel free to join us!

Google DevFest in Lille, June 10
DevFests are large-scale community events that are held around the world. Following the tradition of Google Developer Days, these events are organized by local user groups to provide a unique opportunity to share and exchange information about web, cloud and mobile technologies.
Our Developer Advocate Julien was at Google DevFest to talk about environment, climate change and technology.

Adyen Accelerator in Amsterdam, June 13-17
Adyen Accelerator is a programme that helps startups scale up. After an intense week of brainstorming and coaching 10 startups have pitched their ideas in front of a jury. The winner...? Pivot! You can read all about them here

Future Tech Conference 2022 in Utrecht, June 21
Future Tech is the technology conference for developers, architects and experts to discuss and dive deep into C#, .NET, Azure and other Microsoft technologies. Our Developer Advocate Kwok attended the conference, visited several talks and met up with some fellow Developer Advocates from Amazon and Microsoft.

PyLadies Amsterdam Meetup in Amsterdam, June 28
We hosted the PyLadies meetup at Adyen HQ in Amsterdam. In the workshop an Adyen Data Scientist presented a step-by-step tutorial on how to deploy a model using FastAPI in a Docker container. PyLadies Meetup promotes diversity and inclusivity in the Python community, and we are happy to contribute to this amazing space.

Docker Meetup in Amsterdam, June 28

The Docker Meetup came to the Adyen HQ in Amsterdam! Catalin Jora (@JoCatalin) talked about the Docker roadmap and Lian Li (@lianmakesthings) gave a great demo about "Secrets Management" with containers.

Latest releases

The following official plugins have new releases:

  • Adyen Payment plugin for Magento 8.3.0-8.3.1
    • Set shopper locale from store locale
      Rate limiting notifications when authentication fails
      Add check to InvoiceObserver to verify if the order was made with an Adyen payment method
      Limit iDeal issuer select dropdown not to overlap with Order Summary section
      Shopper reference not unique for recurring payments
  • Adyen-shopware v5 3.8.5
    • Fix: Order confirmation emails not sent for expired customer sessions upon payment redirects
    • Fix notification handling error for missing payment info
    • Generate unique order temporary id"
  • Adyen-shopware v6 3.4.2
    • Get sales channel url from the hreflang integration
    • Use environment to detect which api key to test
    • Prevent PayPal cancellation block the payment method change on checkout"

The following official API libraries have new releases:

  • Adyen iOS 4.8.0
    • In the RegionRepository class the functions getSubRegions and getCountries are removed.
    • For the Card Component, use the new billingAddressRequirementPolicy parameter to specify card brands for which the billing address field is optional
    • Support partial gift card payment with Apple Pay
Tips and resources
OpenAPI code generation
In the Mustache templates with OpenAPI specs blog our Developer Advocate Beppe explains how Adyen teams embrace OpenAPI to generate the SDKs of the Adyen platform. The article reveals the best practises and advanced usage of Mustache templates, a logic-less template framework for controling the generation of the source code starting from an OpenAPI file.

Fraud detection with machine learning
The talk Unsupervised shallow learning for fraud detection on marketplaces given by Andreu Mora (our VP of Data Science and Machine Learning) at  J On The Beach is now available on YouTube. Learn how Adyen leverages on a ever-growing dataset to enforce strong requirements around behaviour monitoring and prevent illegal or damaging situations. 

Kotlin Conference back in Amsterdam
Kotlin Conf returns to Amsterdam in 2023 with workshops, talks and activities. Now is the chance to grab a Super Early Bird ticket!
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